Yes, by assumed address, I mean an email address. As far as any mailing address, unless you live out in the boonies and the nearest neighbor is miles away, you should be on good enough terms with a next door neighbor to use their address as the drop. You don't want to use yours since someone might be smart enough to do a reverse search on the address to see who lives at the address you give. You can always give an excuse of one sort or another if they ask why your name isn't listed because they did do a reverse address search. I won't suggest any excuses since that would only give PA something to watch for in any correspondence, so be creative.

A real good alternative, of course, would be to use the address of a close relative with a different last name. Then you could use their last name as the author name in any correspondence along with their mailing address in which case you can let them in on what's happening so they can enjoy a laugh with you at PA. So, if you're Jim Smith and your relative is Grace Jones, you could use your own first name with the surname of Jones to get Jim Jones. That would then tip off your relatives that it's mail meant for you so they won't throw your dollar or finished/published books away.