I just got home from attending the 2007 San Francisco Writers Conference. And it was a great experience. I recommend a writing conference to anyone wanting to learn about the craft of writing, pitching, and networking.

The attendees were fun to talk with. Everyone was a writer... everyone had stories to share. And I don't just mean their writing, but all kinds of good conversation. Brains with all kinds of ideas and experiences were everywhere.

All three days were filled with mini-conferences throughout each day for all to attend. Pick and choose the classes you wanted to go to... very cool.

There were classes on query writing, thriller writing, mystery stuff, non-fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, self-publishing, etc.. There was an abundance of information to ingest. There was also speed dating with editors one evening and speed dating with agents another day (where you pitch your work to them).

I found pitching to be of huge value. And I got a couple agents interested enough to take some of my work... and an editor took some work as well. That was the main reason I went... to pitch.

Now that the conference is finished I have some other networks that I can use to query other agents with. And the agents take you seriously when you mention a writers conference and/or an author that liked your work enough to give up his/her own lit agents name/agency. I found the networking to be of big importance.

This isn't a huge report. But I learned a lot. It was worth the money. And I would do it again.