In a recent chat we decided to experiment with online Karaoke. Technology isn't even close to making this a perfect option


An imperfect option is available. I have done it in Yahoo chat. It sounds terrible and the bandwidth is stretched to the limits. This is the perfect time to roust and ramble with your friends without being embarrassed because even Engelbert Bumpersticker would sound bad on this. BUT IT'S FUN!

Give me a week and I'll try to set something up.
Meanwile, message here if you want to try it, maybe next weekend if I can wrastle the main computer from the kids.

Get you a Yahoo ID and place it here to be added to the private list. Yahoo has never spammed me, make sure you uncheck options for "future newletters", "updates" etc. They only spam you through Yahoo....that's fair, it's free. A very occasional email to my home site happens but it is just to verify user ID>