I was told there's no such thing as original sin
i think therefore i doubt i am
i never tried so hard that i hurt myslef
the ace of nothing is the card im dealt

dont try to tell me what i should do
worry about someone else other than you
run gump run and leave me the f***k alone
let me live, let me die in my broken home

last night i was walking down broadstreet
I met llyod banks and he said to me
hey kid why you frontin', gettin s***t for free
whys everyone always picking on me

llyod banks you aint nothin but a kid
a vile parasite sucking off of 50 cent
who i do believe is the product of a mr. eminem
and hey, isnt he dr. dres friend?

so the next time you try to talk to me
on the corner of main and 5th broadstreet
you better have a knife or knuckles of brass
cause son if I see you im gonna kick your ass