I'm about halfway through Amy Tan's memoir, The Opposite of Fate, and I have to say... it's hysterical. I love her candor. She has some really funny anecdotes about her mother and her Chinese heritage, as well as many interesting things about her life as a writer, and it's all written in a way that's so down to earth and humble. Has anyone else read it?

She also talks about some gig she did with Stephen King back in '93 where they toured with other writers (the only other name I can remember off the top of my head is Dave Barry) as The Rock Bottom Remainders: a rock and roll band. The whole thing struck me as an unusual thing for a group of writers to do, yet she talked about it with such fondness, and made it sound like a blast. Did any of you King fans know of this?

This is the first book I'm reading of hers, but I can already tell I like her style. I plan to check out her fiction novels next. Anyone have any recommendations?