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Thread: Chat Soup: what's up with ebook promo

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    Chat Soup: what's up with ebook promo

    So, this opened another issue. Time for you to give me a reality check. Am I too cynical?

    A lot of epubs seem to push some approaches I am less convinced about. Yes, I promote and market. But if I wanted to pay for services that sell my book I would have self-published.

    * Chats. Almost everyone else there is an author too. Yes, authors are reader too, but sue me, I was aiming for a slightly larger demographic.

    * Author subsidized adverts. At least one editor I queried replied--all ads are good ads. In my book, ads that don't garner sales are bad ads. Also, if the ads are garnering sales, shouldn't the publisher pay for them?

    * Review sites. As a reader I likes sites with honest reviews. But publishers seem to send a lot of copies to 'puff' review sites that love everything. That's nice for quotes for your web site but are these places read by people other than authors? A few are, most don't seem to be. Shouldn't they be able to report visitor numbers? There are now so many review sites I sincerely think some are mainly a source of free books for the reviewers and actually reducing sales?

    Shouldn't publishers be able to tell us what promotional activties work? At least they should track referers and be able to give numbers for top review sites, ad placements etc. In theory they should be able to even track actual sales by referer.
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