I know it's been a few months since this thread has been active, but I was wondering, what are the ways you all find to write a compelling story? Not the form or structure, but how to make it so interesting that people drool over it for more? What are the kinds of elements for what kinds of genres do you throw in or consider to make it compelling?

Thus far in my own stories (comics or prose) I've found that taking bits and pieces of everyday dilemmas, questions and 'what if I could...'s and throwing them in in timely places seem to have great effect. In a prose romance/fantasy/action I would place my own past dilemmas in and people would kick me for more. I've also started up a little randome comic before of my everyday school life when I was in high school. People found it rather hilarious and demanded I do more. I've also thrown twists and turns in all of my work (including artwork) and friends seem to go wild for it... even had to chase someone down to get some art back. ^,..,^''' That was interesting.

What about you guys? What kind of compelling elements do you add to your work to make it irresistible? -^,..,^-