The question popped up when I was doing some net surfing. I'm well on my way to finishing my manuscript with the esitimated completion date of March-April 2007. These two particular sites caught my eye: (See guidelines under cover letter)

and (see first sample query letter, paragraph before the complimentary close)

I had this impression that agents won't look at your manuscript unless it is finished. It's not that I'm impatient, but I'm eager to finish because after March, I'll have to stop school to get a job. On whether or not I finish within the date I've indicated is the determining factor on whether I should or should not bring my computer along with me. If I finish, I won't bring it. The internet is always your friend that way.

But to those who've had experienced dealing with agents or are agents themselves, which is the better option? To wait until you finish before sending or going on ahead and sending?

Appreciate the input