S.T. Literary Agency - Is anyone familiar with them? I sent them my manuscript. They responded with interest and a questionnaire. Before filling out the questionniare I wrote back asking if they would require any fees for their services. This is their reply:

We specialize in helping new authors get the credibility they need. I have recently joined the company and we are expanding the number of authors we represent. However, the timeframes are long and the odds are stacked against new writers so we have made a business decision to defray the administrative costs associated with maintaining our relationship. We charge a one time fee of $129 when you are accepted into our company and that covers putting you into our database, our communications, and the marketing materials we build on your behalf. There is a $14 fee for printing, binding and mailing a manuscript.
Those fees are DEDUCTED from our commission upon a sale.
I hope that helps.

What do you think?