Well just joined this board and I came across the Jewish Forum for writers. Interesting to say the least. Especially when the words "d'var Torah" are mentioned. So needless to say despite the fact that I think this may never be read, I guess I will plunge in.

Name is Teddy, and I live in Jerusalem, Israel. That should be the first clue why such a board may interest me! I do have two children's books published, actually for the Jewish market, the first by the Jewish Agency in Israel, the second by United Synagogue. Have had articles published on Compartive Religion as well.

To all the Jewish writers out there. I dont mean Yiddish writers, but I mean to those who weave either in their novels or short stories "Jewish" themes. Be it from Kaballah to dvar Torah's! to stories along the lines of Jewish motifs - take heart. The market is not dead. The professional market certainly not dead.

I have had some experience in the market, especially since I live in Israel though I was born and raised in Manhattan. Israeli themes are not on the top of publishers agendas these days, (to say the least from long hard lessons learned), though good writers especially following the generation of IB Singer and Saul Bellow and Chaim Grade are being sought. It just takes time and patience to break into the market.

My agent, who when I signed with her, I had no idea was Jewish as well, preaches "patience". I am not sure if that is the case. I do know that well written pieces on "Jewish" topics are read by the population at large and not just the Jews in NYC and CA.

I have no clue if anyone will read this, but I am certainly more than willing to share experiences of writing, both fiction and non-fiction. Some good, some bad and some real bummers. Publishers, agents, manuscripts .. all of it.

I am by no means any expert. Just a writer who returned to the field after many years, and going through the normal frustrations of trying hard to get an ms. sold (even with an agent.)

So I really would love to hear from others out there.
Btw...if you need help with a d'var Torah in the future, just send a message my way.

And to all those who read tranliterated Hebrew,

Shana Tova, G'mar Hatimah Tovah

and for those who don't and for ALL those on the board

May you have a wonderful year, one filled with peace, prosperity, health and great success in all your endeavors (including all your writing)
and may God grant you all the wishes of your heart,
and my they be granted only for the good.

May we all merit to be inscribed in the Book of Life