Hi, everyone,

It's me again, with another question. But I am curious to know about this, and I never thought to ask anyone.

I know what Christians believe about Heaven and Hell, but what do Jews believe about this subject?

My reason for asking is, I was raised believing that Christianity was based on Judaism. But I've also read in some places that the Tanakh does not mention Heaven very often, and that the concept was possibly not known by many of the early patriarchs. I have no idea if this information is correct or if it is mistaken, but I really am curious about the Heaven and Hell issue, because, being raised as a Christian, I have been told they are Biblical beliefs of reward and punishment.

But I wonder if this belief if based in Jewish tradition, or if perhaps it was based somehow in a Pagan tradition.

I look forward to all your answers, and thank you kindly for taking the time to read the thread. Peace be to all of you.