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If I may ask another question... I rewrote the query according to the advice you gave me, and I think it's much better now. But I am having trouble with the synopsis. The guidelines I read say I need to cover the major plot lines of the book, plot twists, and character development, and I have two pages to do so. I actually managed to condense my whole book into two pages, taking up literally every space on each of the two pages except for a tab to open new paragraphs. When I pasted it into the email body, and back onto Word, the auto formatting made it 2.5 pages, not two. So I think I need to rewrite it, but how do I do all that they're asking me to do in two pages? I don't know what to cover and what to leave out. And I have six main characters and two that are minor but still important. Do you have any advice you might give me? Thanks in advance for your help.
I have just been challenged to summarise my book in one sentence no longer that 25 words. Now, I'm at the beginning of the process of writing a query and a synopsis, but what I understand is that one page is the goal and that you should never mess with margins, fonts, or spacing to squeeze more in.