This is a must read for all writers. Don't be put off because the book is considered horror which it is no doubt.

There's not much gore, but it's the story that carries this novel.

It's about a man who has the power to write unusually persuasive letters, a power that leads to him getting in trouble with an ultimate evil.

Dispatch is a must read for writers because deep down it's about the power of the written word and the impact writers have on world events.

In an interesting surprise twist famous writers from history make cameo appearances in the novel.

This is the first Bentley Little book I've read and it won't be the last, despite some uneven editing.

He'll do a terrific job of showing the writer something, and then he'll follow it up with a sentence that's one for the duh patrol. (I find sentences like this in my own writing and eagerly hit the delete button, happy that I didn't submit it.)

For example he spends a paragraph on a situation where this evil entity is sending the protaganist letters to demoralize him and in one letter the entity posing as his estranged son (his wife, freaked out upon discovery of his power won't let him see his son any more), writes over and over "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you."

That's great, all the reader needs, but he follows it up with this sentence.

"They were f***cking with him."

I wanted to go back in time and hit the delete button for him.

Anyway check it out even though the book drags a little just before the highly imaginative ending. It's a writer's kind of story.