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Thread: Index to the PublishAmerica Sub-Forum

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    Exclamation Index to the PublishAmerica Sub-Forum

    Whether you are an (ex-)PA author or just morbidly curious, welcome to AW’s much-cited forum for all things PublishAmerica.

    Condensed: The Reasons We Don’t Recommend PA

    The thread that started it all: The Never-Ending Publish America Thread (aka NEPAT) (11/03 – 2/06)

    Discussion continued here: The New Never-Ending Publish America Thread (NEPAT, Part II) (2/06 – 9/09)

    And is currently here: The Newer Never-Ending PublishAmerica Thread (NEPAT, PART III) (9/09 – present)

    [Partial] highlights of the above: Index to the NEPATs (11/03 – 1/05)

    But wait, there’s more! Categorized as … :

    • Analysis of PA’s claims and policies
    • How PA compares to honest POD printers, commercial publishers, etc.
    • Analysis of PA’s contract (and advice on how to escape it)
    • Atlanta Nights & other sting operations
    • I’m Free! Now what?
    • PA as seen by the industry and news media
    • Testimonials, Positive
    • Testimonials, Negative
    • Requests for details re: your PA experience
    • Calls for legal and advocate action (and the results of same)
    • Are PA employees culpable?
    • General discussions of everything PublishAmerica
    • Stipid PA Tricks
    • PA-induced humor (intentional and otherwise)
    • Comments on or about PA’s website, bookstore, and message boards
    • Particular PA books and authors
    • Public encounters with PA authors
    • Hi, I’m…
    • AW saved me from PA
    • Misc. PA questions and comments
    • Threads that were taken outside
    • Non-PA items

    There are plenty of existing threads for general comments. PLEASE add to one rather than create a new thread for every question.

    Thank you, and enjoy!


    Analysis of PA’s Claims and Policies
    The 49 copies myth
    Their business plan
    Why would a writer do this? (“editing” options)
    An email from PA
    Member of Assoc. of American Publishers
    How To Upset a Goliath Book Biz
    Interview with Miranda
    PA’s Newsletters
    I need a little input (returns policy)
    75 years? PA response to refusing contract
    A Google ad above my inbox in gmail
    PA Novels (pricing)
    My latest email from PA
    PA spams cell phones now?
    PA divorces Amazon
    Are they now rejecting (manuscripts)?
    Pricing Nonsense
    PA And The Credit Crunch
    PA not charging a fee
    Funny thing thought I would share
    WTF?! Royalty Statements?
    Publish America email exchange
    The “Numbers Game” – just how does it work
    Look kids, it’s a brand new shiny 900-number!
    PA and the Guinness Book of World Records
    Effect of new PA $4 price tags
    Attn: New PublishAmerica Authors
    PublishAmerica’s August 2010 Royalty Statement
    PublishAmerica Revenue
    Sales after Contract Expiration

    How PA compares to honest POD printers, commercial publishers, etc.
    Royalties for used books
    PA a vanity press?
    Is Publish America Good? Yes or No
    The PublishAmerica Rocks (Not) Thread
    Other Choices?
    Seven years is not normal
    How Do They Figure (bookstore placement)?
    PA books no longer carried online(?)
    PA “New Releases’ Analysis (pricing)
    Would you accept PA if they…
    PA vs Lulu
    Publish America vs Lulu
    Press releases
    I thought you couldn’t find PA books at Borders…
    Would PA ever be a good option?
    What you won’t get from PA
    While perusing the Local Authors section…
    What do PA books cost to produce?
    PA and movie rights
    I just submitted to PA TELL ME WHAT IS THE DEAL
    Not giving in the full manuscript?
    Logical alternatives
    PA will publish my next book, if I buy 75 copies of my last book
    PublishAmerica’s stock image covers
    Alternatives to PublishAmerica
    But I’ve seen PA books available in online stores
    OK, PA’s Out…What do I do now?
    Vanity Press is Vanity Press

    Analysis of PA’s Contract (and Advice on How to Escape It)
    How to get your book back from PA
    The “non-exclusive amendment” and “release agreement”
    The main contract
    Another PA Author Needs Advice
    How do you get out of a PA contract?
    Rights returned
    Another newbie (needs help)
    Help me get away from PA!
    How does one cancel a PA contract?
    PA victim
    Q’s about PA contract
    Can I make the contract void?
    PA legality issues
    I’m a PA author wanting out of my contract…
    Older PA contracts
    Help? New PA contract – need help.
    Publish America Contract Expiration
    Fight my rights
    I want out of my contract
    The Term of License Contract
    Unbounded joy!
    No-go for me on PA contract termination
    How Can I Get My Manuscript Back?
    PA: A SHOT in the dark
    After a year long battle, today victory…!
    PA’s Address?
    PA contract expiring
    How Can I Get Out of a PublishAmerica Contract?
    Can I talk to publishers/agents for my book before its PA contract expires?
    $99 for my rights back!
    Help! New PA author--is it too late for me?
    Need some advice
    Contract Release!
    Interesting e-mail…
    Getting out from under PA: does re-writing my book constitute a new book if I change it 10%
    Purchasing Your Book Rights Back From PA
    Did you buy my book – Congressional Bible Study?
    Making sure my contract ends?
    Can PublishAmerica terminate me for this?
    PA Extended Rights
    So what is the next step?
    Publishing w/o Contract
    PA will let me go, but…

    Atlanta Nights & Other Sting Operations
    Initial Teaser for Atlanta Nights (post #5399)
    Uncle Jim describes the bait and the cast (posts #5543, 47 & 49)
    PA takes it, hook, line & sinker (post #5561)
    Get every glorious detail about Atlanta Nights here:
    It’s a Bird!...No, it's a TURKEY! (Crack of Death)
    Canuck PA poetry sting
    Got a good laugh today
    Can we start another project?
    PublishAmerica: Interesting Response
    Atlanta Nights – The Movie!

    I’m Free! Now what?
    Released from PA – now what?
    (how do I find an agent?)
    How many have found new publishers?
    A PA Question (salvaging book)
    My book has been selling on ebay...?!
    Commentary on Agents’ and Publishers’ stances on PA
    Just curious…(finding real publisher)
    Getting online stores to remove canceled PA books
    Getting your book unlisted (from Bowker)
    Book selling after contract release
    PA copyright of book covers
    ISBN numbers (canceling/removing)
    A year and a half later…(book still selling)
    Life after PA
    Our PA book lives again!
    My PA book’s still being sold
    What about the ISBN?
    Lemons – Alternative to PA & my decision
    Finding an Agent or Agency, daunting task!
    Life After PA
    Going Forward – Question About Reprints

    PA as Seen by/in the Industry and News Media
    Article in Publishers’ Weekly, part I
    Article in Publishers’ Weekly, part II
    WD Book Club and Publish America
    The Debate (Shelagh)
    What Professional Writers, Editors, and Agents Say About PA
    News article on PA and other “non-traditional” publishers
    Radio interview with Jenna Glatzer
    I hate seeing this…
    Blacklisting PA authors?
    OMG! You won’t believe this!
    Dr. Phil???
    Troubled: What should I do?
    Bookstores no longer have PA signings?
    The newspaper ran a story
    PA mentioned in NY Times article as if they were real publisher
    DogEar Publishing denounces PA as more expensive than self publishing
    Sometimes PA Can Be The Publisher of Choice…
    What Would You Do?
    9News (Colorado) runs “feel good” story about PA author
    Why PublishAmerica’s press releases aren’t printed in newspapers

    Testimonials, Positive
    Uh oh! James negotiates price!
    My experience with PublishAmerica
    Tips on how to make a PA book work for you
    PA – The best thing to EVER happen to unknown authors
    I did it too thanks to PA
    PublishAmerica backer
    New here, and my experience with PA
    PublishAmerica is not a scam

    Testimonials, Negative
    I’m through with PublishAmerica
    I…asked for my contract to end!
    Sent me two statements for same book
    A Get Out Clause: PA books to be made marketable
    Rejected by PA
    3rd book accepted by PA their offer stinks!
    PA breached my contract
    My experience with Publish America
    My HUGE royalty check from PA (lol)
    PA victim looking for a lifejacket
    A change of heart: the truth will set you free
    My PA mistake
    In A Fight for Justice with PA
    My PublishAmerica Experience
    Yet Another PA complaint
    My experience with Publish America

    Requests for Details re: Your PA Experience
    Self-purchased books at PA
    PA contract release
    PublishAmerica (marketing) ploys
    I need a quote from an ex-PA author
    Anyone had GOOD experience?
    PA royalty issues
    Writing life after PA
    For those published by PA – a question
    I’m doing research for an article on author mills…
    Beware of PublishAmerica

    Calls for Legal and Advocate Action (and the Results of Same)
    Lightning Source Lawsuit
    Media Targets
    Write the Congressman
    Who to contact
    Oracle’s odyssey
    Class Action Lawsuit Against PA
    So why aren’t they behind bars?
    20/20 and Scam Reports on PA
    The Maria Pacha thread
    How do we turn writing scams into a felony?
    My words may not be appreciated here…
    Truth in Advertising
    Publish America lawsuits
    Worst scam? (MSNBC poll)
    InstaBook Corp. vs PA
    PA Under Siege
    Update to BBB Listing
    PublishAmerica, LLLP v. Lightning Source, Inc. (LSI)
    PA Writers--Post a review about the company!
    Stop PublishAmerica

    Are PA Employees Culpable?
    PA Employees
    Legitimate targets
    How does PA manage to pay their employees?
    Who’s who at PublishAmerica
    PA editor proclaims innocence
    Words from an ex-employee
    Ex-employees of PA speak out
    Conversation with a PA Rep…
    I used to work at publishamerica.
    PA from the inside

    General Discussions of Everything PublishAmerica
    Condensed PA Thread II
    Consolidated PA Thread
    Beware PublishBrittanica / PublishAtlantica
    (Unedited) archive of the NEPAT
    NEPAT Overflow
    The PublishAmerica Wars
    Is PA a cult?
    The Function of PublishAmerica
    My Publish America article
    Mind control made easy
    Is Publish America a cult?
    PA overview sent to cult researcher

    Stipid PA Tricks
    PA Targeting Nanos
    You have GOT to be kidding me!!!
    Fine, whatever
    Third Notice…
    The Ongoing Hellocopter Adventures
    PA must be getting desperate
    Publish America’s Carousel of Magically Rotating Email Offers
    Independence Books
    Threats from PublishAmerica
    More Dung from the PublishAmerica Landfill
    PublishAmerica – Book Doctor?
    PublishAmerica and the Amazon Studios Contest
    PA’s Special Offers aka But I thought they wanted my book, not my money …
    An open invitation to be sued by JKR?

    PA-Induced Humor (Intentional and Otherwise)
    PA is a viable solution for me
    Lords of the Prance
    Thread of the Living Dead (Shemp)
    Excuses for PA management
    Verses of the Stipid Darf
    Book Titles from Stipidland
    Glossary of PA-related terms
    Name the new PA imprint!
    PA author passes
    If PA ran a different business
    Fun with Google print
    The Mythical Origins of PA
    A PublishAmerica Nightmare
    Any chance they’d take this?
    I made a signature banner
    Elite House – The Final Chapter
    Author: the role-playing game
    Mildly inappropriate cartoon
    Don’t listen to the negative stuff
    The PA cycle of emotions
    The New Insipid PA Slogan Thread
    Lines Unedited by PA - LUBPA
    Considering Publish America? Click me!
    So, I’m shopping a novel around…

    Comments on or about PA’s Website, Bookstore, and Message Boards
    HB Marcus = PA Employee
    Issuing apologies
    PA Forum Monitor Rules
    This is so much bull!!!
    PAMB and its quotes
    How many banned from PAMB?
    PA bookstore: They can’t even cut and paste
    PA website down?
    PA forums gone?
    AW has its own thread on the PA boards
    I’ve been banned from PA
    Porn spam on PA bookstore
    Son of PAMB and its Quotes
    PublishAmerica Writer’s Opinion
    Banned: Banded Together
    PA on Twitter
    Return of a Man Named PAMB and its Quotes
    Banned from the PA message board

    Particular PA Books and Authors
    H.B. Marcus
    Thank YOU, Thank YOU Soooo Much!!!
    Shelly’s Diary
    Vortex of Revelation
    PA book reviewed in Chicago Sun-Times
    Spam from an unknown PA author
    Blast from the Past
    How NOT to sell your PA book
    Spammed by a PA author
    PA author passes
    This made me laugh - a PA press release
    PA Author Joe Gadreau
    PA author gets fired because of book
    Could a case be made for…
    PA Promo-Style Protege
    Former CIA station chief, alleged rapist published with PA
    PublishAmerica author sues Stephen King for plagiarism
    PA and the Serial Killer
    Eclectic Authors Showcase

    Public Encounters with PA Authors
    What to do?
    How would you deal with this situation?
    How would you have dealt with it?
    Policy on warning people off PA?
    Help for a friend
    Tried to warn someone
    Never thought I’d have a PA problem…

    Hi, I’m…
    Traumatized by lying, cheating publishers
    PA Authors welcome to AW
    Contract terminated
    Former PA author new to AW
    Kicking the PA habit
    PA and Reaganville
    I’ve Been Scammed…Now I Don’t Know What to Do
    “Marketing Guy” Speaks out
    New to the PA forum
    Ohh the joys of wisdom.
    The Great White Hoax
    Depressed, please lend advice?
    Buyer Beware! Hindsight May Be 20/20, But It Doesn’t Change Anything
    Hi, my name is ____ and I’m a PA author…
    Accusations Against PA Irrefutably Validated!
    Publish America in 2011
    I’ve done the big nasty with PA …
    Another ex PA author here, finally ready to move on
    My Story with PublishAmerica by An Almost Victim

    AW Saved Me From PA
    Thank you for all the PA posts
    Thanks for the info
    A narrow escape
    Thank you!
    Thank you for this forum!

    Misc. PA Questions and Comments
    PA poll
    Anybody have experience with PublishAmerica?
    My Thoughts On the PA Issue
    Public Announcement
    Publish America … Thoughts?
    I was a victim of two scammers and a plagiarizer
    Caller, after contacting PublishAmerica
    PA’s grammar problems
    Red flags – reverse engineered
    On Not Blaming The Victim
    Legal help needed, please
    I am excited
    Time Out
    Can PA take money from you?
    I have to say goodbye to PA
    PA chasing me
    What do you think of PA?
    Guestbook slimers
    Inspired by PA authors
    Stop romanticizing PA books!
    I quit!
    Heard of PA?
    PA authors then and now
    Message boards about PA
    Hoorah! Release from PA
    Pay attention – no more PA attention
    This is what writing is about…
    Ha! I saw it!
    Lost in translation? Or just lost in the email pit?
    Addicted to the PA threads
    Wish More People Would Do Research…
    PA Street Address (Not PO Box)
    I feel so evil now
    New girl with a question
    PA Doesn’t Talk to Me anymore
    The History of PA
    The official PA “So bad it’s good thread”
    I’m curious…
    Note from a mostly impartial onlooker
    Book removed from PA website
    Actual size of PA – number of employees?
    Future in Writing?
    I have a question?
    Since my decision to dump PA life is better
    horray! Publish America offered me a contract.
    Looking for updated info. on publishers
    Is PA desperate or what?
    The least PA could do…
    Welcome PublishAmerica Authors - Make this thread the first one you read here!
    Troubled. What am I?
    PublishAmerica management
    Moving Forward After the PA Faux pas
    Probably a waste of time…
    Willie vs the IRS
    Another PA-Related Lawsuit
    Beware of PA
    PA Blows Furious Steam!
    Merry Christmas to PA
    Received A Letter Today
    Denial, It Ain’t Just A River in Egypt Baby
    Publish America
    New Website Warning of PA

    Threads That Were Taken Outside
    Simon’s Sayings, etc.
    The Devil Made Me Do It…
    Hashing and Re-hashing
    She’s kidding, right? Right???
    PA book to be removed from Toronto Public Library System

    Non-PA Items
    Really irresponsible article on self publishing in WPost
    Miranda Prather faked a hate crime?
    Where’d my post go?
    Where did Overflow go?
    Okay, now you can spread out…
    Good online hygiene
    Very sad news
    How legal is it…? (retail pricing)
    What we deserve
    Starting a new publisher
    I’m coming back
    Online book sales stagnant
    The Dandelion Through the Crack thread
    Ingrams website
    What are you thankful for?
    The Dave Kuzminski Thread
    A critical blog about this forum
    The Jeff Miller Show
    Is PandE still getting sued
    Contest that seemingly has a PA connection
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