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Thread: An introduction from a newbie! C:

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    Make love, not horcruxes. Chandy's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    The US

    Smile An introduction from a newbie! C:

    Hi all!

    I guarantee I am probably one of the youngest members here, and that's all right with me, because I think I'm mature enough to write among you fine people. I pray that you all won't discriminate me because of my age, because if you do, that makes me all the wiser. Only kidding.

    I'm mainly a fantasy writer. I've been working on one for.. ehh... a few months now and I've only just started to actually write the peice. I actually took a very helpful survey on how to get to know your character. If anyone is interested, I'd be happy in posting it. It was so helpful in developing my main character.

    So, I hope you all welcome me! This is a fantastic site and I look forward to posting here a lot more!

    - Chandler.

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    wishes you happiness JennaGlatzer's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    Welcome, Chandler! Great to have you here. We have a dozen or so teens who are active around here... I'm sure they'll be around to say hi soon.
    I am no longer here. If you'd like to visit me, please find me at or on Facebook. Thanks!

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    haz own threads Little Red Barn's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Welcome Chandler, we have a lot of young people here. Enjoy yourself!

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    Hand? What hand? AW Moderator Ol' Fashioned Girl's Avatar
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    Jun 2005
    Last Star on the Right
    I'm one of the old farts, Chandler... but welcome to AW, anyway! Be sure to check out the 'Share Your Work' and 'Get with the Genre' sections. And have fun!
    aka: OFG

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    practical experience, FTW Dawn R's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    North Island, New Zealand
    Chandy. This is a great site to learn from. And I won't hold your youth against you, if you don't hold my age against me. Yep - I'm even older that Ol' Fahsioned Girl! Is that possible, you ask? 'fraid so. Explore the site and enjoy.

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    practical experience, FTW aliajohnson's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Welcome Chandy! I'm not a teen, but I know there are some great ones here at AW.

    Your survey sounds like a good resource and I'd love to see it.

    Have fun!

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    Dangerous with a Keyboard johnzakour's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Welcome, and BTW on the internet nobody can tell your age. ;-)

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    Make love, not horcruxes. Chandy's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    The US
    Here is the survey. It's only 100 questions and its pretty basic, but it is so much easier than writing down those monotonoues biographies on your characters. As I was doing it, my main character became alive in my mind. Here it is if anyone is interested. Obviously, you're supposed to answer it as if you are the character.

    Part 1: The Basics

    1. What is your full name?

    2. Where and when were you born

    3. Who are/were your parents?

    4. Do you have any siblings? What are/were they like

    5. Where do you live now, and with whom?

    6. What is your occupation?

    7. Write a full physical description of yourself.

    8. To which social class do you belong?

    9. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses?

    10. Are you right- or left-handed?

    11. What does your voice sound like?

    12. What words and/or phrases do you use very frequently

    13. What do you have in your pockets?

    14. Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics?

    Part 2: Growing Up

    15. How would you describe your childhood in general?

    16. What is your earliest memory?

    17. How much schooling have you had?

    18. Did you enjoy school?

    19. Where did you learn most of your skills and other abilities?

    20. While growing up, did you have any role models?

    21. While growing up, how did you get along with the other members of your family?

    22. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

    23. As a child, what were your favourite activities?

    24. As a child, what kinds of personality traits did you display?

    25. As a child, were you popular? Who were your friends, and what were they like?

    26. When and with whom was your first kiss?

    27. Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom did you lose your virginity?

    28. If you are a supernatural being (i.e. mage, werewolf, vampire), tell the story of how you became what you are or first learned of your own abilities.

    Part 3: Past Influences

    29. What do you consider the most important event of your life so far?

    30. Who has had the most influence on you?

    31. What do you consider your greatest achievement?

    32. What is your greatest regret?

    33. What is the most evil thing you have ever done?

    34. Do you have a criminal record of any kind?

    35. When was the time you were the most frightened?

    36. What is the most embarrassing thing ever to happen to you?

    37. If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be, and why?

    38. What is your best memory?

    39. What is your worst memory?

    Part 4: Beliefs And Opinions

    40. Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic?

    41. What is your greatest fear?

    42. What are your religious views?

    43. What are your political views?

    44. What are your views on sex?

    45. Are you able to kill? Under what circumstances do you find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable?

    46. In your opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do?

    47. Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love?

    48. What do you believe makes a successful life?

    49. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings (i.e. do you hide your true self from others, and in what way)?

    50. Do you have any biases or prejudices?

    51. Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances? Why do you refuse to do it?

    52. Who or what, if anything, would you die for (or otherwise go to extremes for)?

    Part 5: Relationships With Others

    53. In general, how do you treat others (politely, rudely, by keeping them at a distance, etc.)? Does your treatment of them change depending on how well you know them, and if so, how?

    54. Who is the most important person in your life, and why?

    55. Who is the person you respect the most, and why?

    56. Who are your friends? Do you have a best friend? Describe these people.

    57. Do you have a spouse or significant other? If so, describe this person.

    58. Have you ever been in love? If so, describe what happened.

    59. What do you look for in a potential lover?

    60. How close are you to your family?

    61. Have you started your own family?

    62. Who would you turn to if you were in desperate need of help?

    63. Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who, and why?

    64. If you died or went missing, who would miss you?

    65. Who is the person you despise the most, and why?

    66. Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict?

    67. Do you tend to take on leadership roles in social situations?

    68. Do you like interacting with large groups of people? Why or why not?

    69. Do you care what others think of you?

    Part 6: Likes And Dislikes

    70. What is/are your favourite hobbies and pastimes?

    71. What is your most treasured possession?

    72. What is your favourite colour?

    73. What is your favorite food?

    74. What, if anything, do you like to read?

    75. What is your idea of good entertainment (consider music, movies, art, etc.)?

    76. Do you smoke, drink, or use drugs? If so, why? Do you want to quit?

    77. How do you spend a typical Saturday night?

    78. What makes you laugh?

    79. What, if anything, shocks or offends you?

    80. What would you do if you had insomnia and had to find something to do to amuse yourself?

    81. How do you deal with stress?

    82. Are you spontaneous, or do you always need to have a plan?

    83. What are your pet peeves?

    Part 7: Self Images And Etc.

    84. Describe the routine of a normal day for you. How do you feel when this routine is disrupted?

    85. What is your greatest strength as a person?

    86. What is your greatest weakness?

    87. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

    88. Are you generally introverted or extroverted?

    89. Are you generally organized or messy?

    90. Name three things you consider yourself to be very good at, and three things you consider yourself to be very bad at.

    91. Do you like yourself?

    92. What are your reasons for being an adventurer? Are your real reasons for doing this different than the ones you tell people in public? (If so, detail both sets of reasons...)
    93. What goal do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime?

    94. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    95. If you could choose, how would you want to die?

    96. If you knew you were going to die in 24 hours, name three things you would do in the time you had left.

    97. What is the one thing for which you would most like to be remembered after your death?

    98. What three words best describe your personality?

    99. What three words would others probably use to describe you?

    100. If you could, what advice would you, the writer, give to your character?

    And thank you for the welcome!!!!
    - Chandler.

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    Thanks, special friend for my avi! AW's Treasured Chocolate Birthday Lady Susie's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    Among the chocolate fairies:)
    Hi, Chandler, to the cooler. That is a great survey and very thorough and helpful!

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    Snoopy Dance! sthrnwriter's Avatar
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    Feb 2005
    and Welcome to the Cooler, Chandy!

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    Set yourself free truelyana's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Surrey, United Kingdom
    Lovely to have you board Chandler

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    asdf Scarlett_156's Avatar
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    Oct 2006
    Colorado (Eastern plains)
    Greetlings and hello-ness from Welcomeville!
    JOIN, B!TcH!S!!!

    Yours in Chaos...

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    practical experience, FTW Jessi's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    That's an interesting survey to use...

    And welcome, of course!

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    Dead Men Tell No Tales Chasing the Horizon's Avatar
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    Nov 2006

    Thanks for posting that survey. I may just use it for the one idea I've been toying with, since I'm having trouble getting a real handle on the charactors.

    Oh, and don't worry about your age. I'm pretty young myself. (Technically I'm still a teen, for a few more months anyway )
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    “Perhaps on the rare occasion pursuing the right course demands an act of piracy, and piracy itself can be the right course.” ~ Governor Swann

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    The mean one AW Moderator Cath's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
    Here. Somewhere. Probably.
    Hi there, Chandy. I don't doubt you'll fit in just fine around here.

    You might be interested in the Novel Writing Forum - we've had a few discussions about Creating Characters lately that you might enjoy. The survey looks interesting (and jolly comprehensive!).


    "It may help to understand human affairs to be clear that most of the great triumphs and tragedies of history are caused, not by people being fundamentally good or fundamentally bad, but by people being fundamentally people."
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    I'm back baby! CBeasy's Avatar
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    Welcome! Don't worry about your age, we take all kinds here!
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    practical experience, FTW
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    Aug 2006
    Hi, Chandy! Welcome and enjoy the forum!

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    I have plans... C.bronco's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Junior Nation
    Welcome Chandy!
    This is a great place with a lot of great people and good advice. Glad you're here!

    "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams." Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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    Super duper user limitedtimeauthor's Avatar
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    Aug 2006
    Not in the AW forums, I swear!

    Thanks for letting us know you're young. I'm one of those moms who seek out young people online as targets for my fabulous mom-lectures. :P Kidding, of course.

    (Or am I?)


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    practical experience, FTW jester's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Welcome Chandy, be nice to the elders here or we will chace you with our walkers. Just kidding

    I once was lost but then I read a really good book.

    Every day we make choices, tomorrow we make better ones.

    Courts in session now go be silly!!

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    RB's favourite chewtoy glassquill's Avatar
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    Wandering in the depths of my mind
    Hello and !

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    Troubled-Talks with animals. jdkiggins's Avatar
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    The "Dead Zone" in PA. (The state.) All lit up and nowhere to go.
    to the Cooler, Chandy. Nice survery. Good luck with your writing.
    Joanne aka: writeafterdark

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    Claims the loan was a gift Meerkat's Avatar
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    Hi Chandler and welcome....I found your survey very helpful, particularly since my wife assures me that character development is the weakest part of my writing. Thanks man!

    quick, everyone buy these books:

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    Zen Scorpions

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    Packing and moving out, bye!
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    Welcome aboard. The best age to start writing is when the words start piling up in your head and scream to be let out. They can be real noisy especially when you are trying to sleep. Look at what Mozart accomplished at 12.
    Last edited by Steve Lenaghan; 12-29-2006 at 01:30 AM.

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    to the Water Cooler.

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