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Thread: Secular Markets

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    Baby Name Maniac nancy02664's Avatar
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    May 2006

    Secular Markets

    Hi everyone,
    I began this list elsewhere, but I think people will have an easier time locating it here, in its own thread. I'll build the list up as well as I can over the coming weeks/months. If you know of any secular markets, please don't hesitate to let me know and I'll add them to this first post, for the convenience of all...

    Book Publishers

    Arcade Publishing - published "Atheist Manifesto"
    Bantam Dell - published earlier version of "The God Delusion" (Dawkins)
    Duckworth (UK) - published "Intelligent Person’s Guide to Atheism"
    ECCO - published "The Atheist's Bible"
    Houghton Mifflin - published "The God Delusion"
    Knopf - published "Letter to a Christian Nation" (Harris)
    Nation Books - published "The Quotable Atheist"
    Prometheus Books
    Routledge (UK) - published "Arguing for Atheism"
    See Sharp Press
    Truth Seeker
    Ulysses Press - published "Atheist Universe"

    (Also, I'm seeing evidence online that the Freedom from Religion Foundation and American Atheists publish books, but I haven't found anything discussing how to submit.)

    Magazines (none seem to be paying markets)
    Newsletters & Newspapers
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