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Thread: Hopewell Publications, LLC / Eric Hoffer Award / US Review of Books

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    Hopewell Publications, LLC / Eric Hoffer Award / US Review of Books

    I received the following lame-o book awards spam today. You can read the whole thing there, but listen: Writers Notes magazine has NO presence in the publishing world. None. So if you want to spend $40 to buy a gold seal, then go buy $40 worth at your local store. This kind of awards competition is strictly a money maker for this particular person. Don't waste your money. Fake awards programs like this drive me absolutely nuts, because I get resumes in all the time from people who list things like this as legitimate writing/publishing credits. They aren't. You can make up an award, too, if you want, and call it anything you want. You, too, can charge people the "low entry fee" of $40 and then send someone a gold seal. There are very few legitimate publishing awards out there, and this ain't one of them.



    Each year, independent publishers release extraordinary books to little or no recognition. Writers Notes Magazine, an extension of the international free resource tool at, recognizes excellence in publishing with the Writers Notes Book Awards. SINGLE REGISTRATION gives you THREE WAYS TO WIN: genre, press, and grand prize. (see submission guidelines below or check our listing in Writer’s Market)

    * $1,500 GRAND PRIZE * Low Entrance Fee of $40 * Many Categories *

    * $1,500 GRAND PRIZE
    * Winner and First Runner-Up Awarded for Every Category Winner
    * Honorable Mentions for Every Category
    * Individual Awards for Micro, Small, and Academic Presses, as well as Self-Published Books
    * Coverage in Writers Notes Magazine and on
    * Gold Seal Certificates
    * Worldwide Exposure

    CATEGORIES: Art, General Fiction, Commercial Fiction, Children, Young Adult, Culture, Business, Reference, Home, Health/Self-Help/Religion, Legacy. (see descriptions below or visit The Writers Notes Book Awards page.)

    WRITERS NOTES has a large and diverse registered membership from around the world, and we anticipate continued expansion in 2007. The WRITERS NOTES ANNUAL BOOK AWARDS is an integral part of the magazine, and another service for readers craving exposure to innovative and inspiring titles.

    Here is what a the critics say about Writers Notes Magazine:

    *** Readable, thought provoking, and organized in an interesting way. Emerging writers will especially appreciate the non-snobbish approach. - The Compulsive Reader
    *** Absorbing Read. - TimeOFF Magazine
    *** The new Paris Review. - Robert Gover, author OHMD

    Read previous contest coverage and view past winners and press releases at

    Our famous U.S. Library Mailing List is NOW ON SALE. Purchase our super clean mailing list for unlimited use. Visit and click on the “Ultimate Library List” link.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

    SUBMISSION GUIDELINES (entry deadline January 15th, 2007):

    AWARDS ARE OPEN to academic, independent, small press, and self-published books that were released or copyrighted in the last 2 years, including unique books with small print runs. (Books over 2 years enter the LEGACY category.)

    AWARDS/PRIZES: One grand prize will be awarded for the entire contest. In addition, each category will be awarded a winner, runner-up, and multiple honorable mentions. Individual press awards may or may not include category winners.

    FOR EACH ENTRY, submit the book, entry form, and $40 fee (check or money order) to Hopewell Publications, LLC, PO Box 11, Titusville, NJ 08560. Be certain to specify award category. All entrants will be notified of winners, after March 31, 2007. Submissions must be postmarked by January 15, 2007.

    JUDGES may include authors, editors, agents, publishers, book producers, artists, experienced category readers, and health and business professionals. Note: Contest closed to the staff of Hopewell Publications and previous WNBA winners. At the low entrance fee, it is not feasible to provide judge’s critiques for each entry.

    ENTRY FORM (submit one entry form per book):
    You may also visit and click on “Book Awards”

    Book Information

    Category (see below):

    Press Designation (check only one; see description below):
    Self-Published __ Micro __ Small __ Academic __

    Contact Information




    AWARD CATEGORIES (select one per entry application):

    * ART: titles involving the experience, execution, or demonstration of the arts, including art, fine art, graphic art, architecture, performing arts, design, photography, coffee table books, and poetry.
    * GENERAL FICTION: non-genre specific fiction, including literary, short story collections, and mainstream.
    * COMMERCIAL FICTION: genre specific fiction, including mystery, thriller, suspense, science fiction, religion, romance, and horror.
    * CHILDREN: titles for young children, including stories and picture books.
    * YOUNG ADULT: titles aimed at the juvenile and teen markets.
    * CULTURE: titles demonstrating the human or world experience, including multicultural, essay, women’s issues, sexuality, gay, lesbian, memoir, aging, travel, recreation, true crime, and current events.
    * BUSINESS: titles with application to today’s business environment and emerging trends, including general business, career, computer, and Internet.
    * REFERENCE: titles from traditional and emerging reference areas, including history, psychology, biography, education, sports, recreation, training, travel, and how-to.
    * HOME: titles with practical application to home or home-related issues, including general home, gardening, cooking, parenting, family, interior design, animals, and pets.
    * HEALTH/SELF-HELP: titles regarding the elevation of mind and/or body, including health, fitness, religion, sex, and inspirational.
    * LEGACY: titles over two years of age that hold particular relevance to any subject matter or form. (Unlike major trade organizations, we think good books last more than a single season.)

    INDIVIDUAL PRESS AWARDS (select only one):

    In addition to the above category awards, books will be singled out for additional awards in the micro press, small press, academic press, as well as self-published arenas. Please check one of the following types on the application.

    * SELF-PUBLISHED – title from author or association producing 3 books or less per year.
    * MICRO PRESS – title from a press producing 24 books or less per year.
    * SMALL PRESS – title from a press producing 25 books or more per year.
    * ACADEMIC PRESS – title from a press with an academic or library affiliation.

    If you don’t see your category or cannot determine your press designation, please e-mail us with a description, and we’ll let you know where it fits. A great book will supersede any category designation. Category designations may be reassigned to better suit the submission. Judges may include authors, editors, agents, publishers, book producers, artists, experienced category readers, and health and business professionals. After the contest, books will be donated to libraries, schools, and hospitals where appropriate, which are fine places to promote your book!


    Fax: (609) 818-1913
    Writers Notes Magazine
    PO Box 11
    Titusville, NJ 08560

    ************************************************** ******************
    We want to help you. Writers Notes is a free and largely volunteer service helping readers, writers, and independent publishers, and we thought you would be interested in this unique opportunity to promote your book(s).
    If you no longer want this annual notification, please use the easy unsubscribe link below or reply to this email with REMOVE in the subject line. Be certain to use the e-mail address to which this message was sent; otherwise we can’t remove you from our list. Thank you!!!!
    ************************************************** ******************
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