What book(s) was it and why? I'll start .

1. When my brother and I were little (10-12 yrs old) we plowed thru YA novel after YA novel. Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, R.L. Stine, you name it. We had just moved to the U.S., and initially had no idea what chinos were, but in our books the characters were often described as wearing them. It got to the point of annoyance, so we decided to turn it into a game. Whenever we were quietly reading our respective books in the same room, every time we would come across the word "chino," we'd throw that book across the room.

2. The Bluest Eye, by Toni Morrison. I identified with the MC in more ways that I care to elaborate. I wanted to shoot that book. Personally, I would love to write a novel that the reader feels like throwing or shooting.

How about you all?