There is a show that has run on Nickelodeon called Avatar: The Last Airbender. In the show, a young boy named Aang is the Avatar, also known as the Supreme Being of the Universe. Whenever Aang is angered or enters a severe emotional state, he becomes the manifestation of all the past Avatars, and his power is super concentrated.

In the last episode, "The Earth King", Aang prepares to meet a guru who tells him he can control the Avatar State (the superconcentration of all the past Avatars).

The Avatar State has incredible power, and causes Aang's body to go on 'autopilot'.

That's sort of what I'm getting at. Yeah, cheesy similarity, but I'm a geek and I'm proud!

Whenever I write a normal scene, like Aang performs in his NORMAL battles, it's always a 'Zip-a-dee-doo-dah' type thing. Kind of cheesy, corny, and all sorts of stuff like that. Speaking of which, why are the cruddy adjectives always named after foods? Oh well.


Whenever I write for a VILLAIN, I enter what I call 'The Writer Zone'. There's a sort of 'light' feeling in my chest, almost like I'm not in my seat anymore. It SERIOUSLY feels like that. I'll envision the scene...And I can touch things.

I can feel things. The breeze, the cold metal pushed my neck or head or heart, the rubble closing in around my body...Doesn't matter. I still feel it.

My friend, let's call him cG, tells me that the scenes I write 'in the zone' are darn close to being perfect. He was the one that suggested that I enter a zone, and I spin gold.

It's a very weird phenomena, this zone. It's completely random. I'll say "I want to write this scene with x evil character and y good character being threatened by x." (Oh my God, I've just put algebra in my writing. Lord help us all.), and when I do, fireworks! I'm serious, these scenes give me the chills.

Going back to the Avatar comparison, I suppose I need to learn how to control The Writer Zone. I'm not quite sure how this is done. Certain quirks can jumpstart it and sustain it for a little while, but sooner or later it just....goes away.

I can play 'Before the Dawn' by Evanescence all I want, I can drink all the Coke Zero I want (until my mom cuts me off, "Soda is expensive".), I can eat all the Zest crackers I want...but it doesn't come back until it wants.

I believe that the Avatar comparisons aren't without merit. It really does feel like I'm out of my body when I write those scenes.

So, to you pro writers out there, can you perhaps lend a hand and help me control this state?