Do you remember the case (ay back from 2003) where a man in his 80s plowed into a crowd at a farmers market, killing 10 people and injuring more than 70? (They think he panicked and stepped on the gas instead of the break.) Today, he was convicted -- but sentenced to probation. On the other hand, he is nearly 90, and he was in sickbed and unable to attend the trial, so they probably didn't think it was worthwhile sending him to prison.

So what do you think? Some of the people affected by the case think he should have gone to prison. Sure, he was old, but he should have known better than to keep driving when he knew he was having problems with his reactions. Even the judged called his apologies "hollow" and thinks the driver should have been able to avoid plowing into the people. (After all, he avoid hitting cars and trucks!) Others seem to think that while he deserved to be punished, it just wasn't worth it. (For one thing, he has heart disease, so treatment while he was in prison would become a burdern to taxpayers.)

FWIW he is being ordered to pay restitution, although not all the details have been worked out.