Nothing to do with writing, but here goes:

I know some of you are pretty up on the animal health thing and I have a rather unusual problem.

14 year old cat, in an accident last year. She lost her tail but her bowel was also stretched and shifted. Highly unlikely that she would ever live out a natural lifespan, but there you go.

Over time the bowel gradually deteriorated and I had to start emptying her manually about a year ago. Not a big problem, although things have got worse.

About 5 months ago she developed a fluid type lump on her back, just behind where her tail would start. It would appear quickly then disappear just as quickly. Didn't take her to the vet because they would have never seen it anyway by the time I'd got an appointment booked.

The lump became more frequent and then last Sunday it came up and just got bigger and bigger. No disappearing act.
The penny finally dropped - urine!

Anyhow she wasn't weeing naturally and in pain so I shot off to the vet.
This was not the vet who treat her originally and she was pretty much gobsmacked by the course of events.

The vet drained the lump and sent me off home (long story in the middle of this)
Anyhow, I've had to drain it ever since. About every 4 hours. Got to the point where I can't see straight. And to top it off, have to do the poop thing as well.

Vet says to put her under anesthetic (don't care if spelled wrong) may actually kill her, due to possible kidney problems and age.
She also wanted to give her a bucket load of other treatments - another long story, but at the end of the day I'm stil going to have to cope with the bowel thing.

Main problem at the minute is that she is not urinating - any ideas on how to get her to do this????
Note - her normal bladder has disappeared into the depths of her gut and won't be manipulated by hand.