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Thread: An academic talk I gave about AW

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    An academic talk I gave about AW

    Hey all,

    I gave a talk on November 4th at the Conceptual Structure, Discourse, and Language conference here in San Diego. It was titled "The Evolving Parodies of Barbara Bauer: creating a shared narrative by co-constructing mental spaces"

    Which is to say that it was about how we used parody in the chat-room as a way to deal with both real problems and general unhappiness while the forums were down.

    The room was full, and some very cool people were there, and the talk was very well-received, so it was pretty great! A couple times, I put a slide up and everyone started laughing.

    Anyway, a couple people have asked to see my slides, so I have them in pdf form here for anyone who'd like to see them:

    ETA: I've taken the slides down due to recent developments. Sorry.

    It's a linguistics talk, and I tend to not put everything on the slides when I talk, so I apologize if it's somewhat incomprehensible in places. :
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