In at least one section here in AW, members talk about books they are currently reading/have read. Most of these members seem to be WAHM, or those with paid employment, p-t or f-t.

I haven't read a book since I can't remember - a good, long while.

I work f-t. After a day of concentrating on the administrivia, reading the online news sites, obtaining information/chasing interviewees, writing interminable e-mail for the umpteenth time, and eventually getting around to writing the piece, and re-writing, and researching, re-writing, re-writing, and marketing, and reading AW numerous times a day, I just want to switch off for the remainder of the day.

I find it difficult to concentrate on a book now. Given the mental workload, I haven't been able to read a good novel for a goodly while.Mores the pity.
I don't see any quick and easy solution to the reading problem.