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She could also be saying it just to get people off her back because not only is it an acceptable reason for delay, it's also difficult to corroborate. The point is, we don't know. She didn't come here and claim depression. We got it second hand. So we ought to stop speculating about it.
Well, I'm not speculating. I received an email stating that the reason I didn't get my books is because she was depressed.

While I understand that depression is a serious condition, it's not a good enough excuse for what she's doing. She said she had a secretary. An email should have been sent out to all the authors, saying that do to an illness things would be getting pushed back.

While illness happens in every family and business people still find a way to keep things going. To drop out of sight for two weeks, come back for a day and drop back out is not the way to make your authors happy.
I have suffered from depression myself, but I still managed to trudge through my day, no matter how difficult it was.

I have requested my rights be returned to me. That will afford me a chance to go back through it and make sure that it's perfect before I submit someplace else.