I can write (my opinion), edit, design the cover and even locate and work with a printer to come up with 500 or 5,000 finished books. What I can't do is market the book. That takes special skill and lots of time. I want to keep my day job. What I would like to find is a new type of agent who can take a finished product in hand and get it onto book store shelves, provide the service of buying back unsold copies, get releases into the hands of the press and make the contacts to arrange signings around my schedule. Oh, I know. All of this is my job but why do we hire nannies and gardeners? Because we haven't the time to do so many jobs. A professional book-seller should represent several author's books and go around efficiently promoting them to book stores and the press. He doesn't need contacts with publishers because the writer is the publisher. Yes, a traditional agent does this now but only after the agent has agreed that your book is worth printing and a publisher has agreed to print it. This new concept says I print the book and then the agent/agency moves directly forward with promoting it. Pay the agent a commission for each book sold. Then you know exactly how many books are sold and your profit is easy to track. Does anyone else think this type of sales agant could be effective?