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Thread: Since we're talking definitions here...

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    Not in the AW forums, I swear!

    Since we're talking definitions here...

    Mod Note: Please see post #13 for links!

    I've been reading with interest all the different threads about the differences between thrillers/horror/mysteries. This would be a great place for a sticky!

    But if and when it is a sticky, could someone please include the definition of suspense (as a genre), too? I'm still a little vague on that. Thrillers include a lot of fast action, big catastrophes, etc. So, would suspense be a slower-paced book that builds a sense of uneasiness and wondering what is going to happen?

    And question #2 - since I'm asking questions - do thriller/suspense novels all have to be dark and heavy, like Tess Gerritson's books? Or could you call something like True Lies (the movie) a thriller?

    I'd really like to understand this. Thanks!
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