I wanted to take a quick post and apologize to those who post on this particular forum, for some behavior that, though I was not personally aware of the implications thereof, could easily have been deemed offensive or even evangelistic in nature.

I had heard about persecution of Jews by Christians, but I did not know how bad it had gotten. I knew that there were forced conversions, but it never hit home with me until earlier today. I want you all to know that converting you to my faith was never my intention. I rather wanted to know more about Judaism so that I might be able to learn to follow G-d in the proper way. I have read, for instance, in the Torah, how Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, offered 'Strange fire' before G-d. I knew that He had killed them for this, and I do not wish to end up doing wrong in my efforts to please Him, partially because of this.

But I offer my apologies to you all, for having made you leary of me or my intents. Although I was unaware of the fact that people try to use the methods I was using these last couple days, to convert your people to my faith, I still believe I have approached you all in the wrong manner. I am sorry that I have offended any of you, because I never intended to offend anyone.

I also wish to apologize for having not been clear in what I was saying. I am made greatly afraid by entering a group of people I have not dealt with in this manner before, and trying to learn how they live and think and worship their G-d. What I really want to do is learn how I, as a Christian Gentile, can serve the G-d of Israel, Whom I was raised to love, in the proper manner. I promised you before that there were no ulterior motives, and I honestly do not have any. I simply want to worship and serve the G-d I have loved all my life, Who the leader of my faith refered to as Supreme, in a way that is more pleasing to Him than I am at present.

I do not wish to become completely Jewish, because, well, I am a Gentile, born into a Gentile family. I do not wish to lose my identity as what I originally was. But at the same time, I do wish to understand how a Gentile can better serve the great G-d.

Someone has suggested, and I have seen examples of, seven rules that Gentiles are asked to follow to properly worship the G-d of Israel. I will look that up, because I know that my faith as-is, is not what I had read in my NT to believe in. There is so much to the Christian faith that has changed over the last two thousand years, that I honestly do not know what my faith originally believed in, in the first place. I know we believed that the G-d of Israel was the One True G-d, but aside from that, I really do not know what I worship or even what He claimed to be.

Thank you all very kindly for your answers, and for your patience with me. I have a lot of things to think about this Friday morning. I want you all to know that you have all been a tremendous help to a man who is searching for what is right and good in his own life.

I wish you all the best that life can give you, and Happy Hanukkah to you all.