Down into the swirling abyss of the storm-ravaged sea Craig sank. Mercifully unconcious, he has no concept of time and space as unknown forces transport him to a new reality. Destined to battle evil, his time has not yet come.
He awakes to find himself stuffed into the back of a covered wagon with no clear memory of how he got there. He soon discovers he is no longer in his own world, but one of strange beauty and unknown perils. It is not until he discovers new and wonderous abilities does he start to adjust to this new world.
Meanwhile, in the grand hall of the king of Marnock, the royal princess argues fruitlessly with her father before slipping away to begin a dangerous trek that will take her hundreds of miles through enemy territory.
On the outskirts of the Tor desert, lies the city of Thogar, heart of the religious order known as the Priests of Gar. Here, a quiet, solemn priest interupts midnight mass with a vision of hope and dread.
That same evening, Baaran, dark lord, and head of the Shul(sect of black sorcerers) also has a vision. One he has waited a lifetime for.
Completely unaware that his recent retirement will not last until spring, Boork, former Castellean of the Clave of Meest, walks the battlements of an ancient castle reliving his bloody past.
Within a few weeks those who come to be known as the saviors of Murrk; discover themselves, battle the evil minions of of the Shul known as the Dark Riders, fend off common thugs, and survive attacks by fierce timberlions.
The saviors, with a little help, triumph over lord Baaran. However, they realize their quest has only begun. For they have less than two years to discover how to stop the Nameless One, the embodiment of evil worshipped by the Shul, from coming and enslaving all of Murrk.

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