I have just had my first experience with a character actually speaking to me about herself. She is the 16 year old Christian main character of a YA I was writing. This WIP has actually been set aside for right now as I write a thriller idea that came to me.

So here I am, driving to work and Jessie popped into my head and said:

"I smoke pot."

I'm like: "Uh, no, you don't."

"Yeah, I do."

"It's illegal."

"I'm not hurting anyone."

"You are hurting yourself."

"You drink."

"It's legal and I do it responsibly."

"I smoke responsibly. Just one joint, on Saturday, off in the woods by myself, so I can de-stress about having to put up with my Dad all day."

"You're rationalizing an illegal act."

"It's a character flaw. I'm not supposed to be a Mary Sue, remember."

"That's quite a flaw and too much of a stumbling block."

"How else am I going to deal with putting up with my Dad?"

"You're a Christian, you pray."

She just gave me a deadpanned look and walked away saying, "I smoke pot."

I'm like ...

Anyone have a Christian character argue with you like this? What's a writer to do? Can I actually write this in a Christian YA making clear that this is not to be tolerated?

I have been waiting so long for my characters to come to life enough to have discussions with them. Why did the first have to be so obstinate about an illegal activity.