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Thread: Are any of your projects 'bigger' than you are?

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    Are any of your projects 'bigger' than you are?

    Are any of you working on (or have you published) a book of such a grand scale that when writing it, it seems that the project is way too much for you to accomplish?

    My main project - MY story (I mean not about me, but the story that's MINE) - the story that defines who I am - seems to me to be beyond my writing ability. I feel like this book should be written by somebody like John Steinbeck, Stephen Donaldson, or even Stephen King (to name a few). It should be written by somebody with amazing literary talent.

    But written by... me??

    I'm a beginner. I'm a wannabe writer. I'm not published, and I can't see that happening for a long time. But nobody else can write my story, can they? (although I'm still afraid that if I take too long, somebody just might come up with a similar idea. I would die!).

    I have other story ideas and books that I want to write. And I've been working on those too. But this one book, this great story that makes me who I am - that's the book that I HAVE to write.

    So I toil away. I continue to write (or try to - I'm also dealing with a major procrastination problem), and I try to learn as much as I can about the craft, and practice, so that one day, the story will be a book!

    Does anybody else feel the same about any of their projects? Or, more importantly, has anybody felt the same about one of their stories, and then, actually published that story?

    I'd like to hear from you! (Or if you haven't been published, and feel the same as I do, I'd like to hear from you too!)
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