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Thread: Offer to AW Bloggers

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    The Other Shoe Will Fall! TeddyG's Avatar
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    Oct 2005
    Jerusalem, Israel

    Offer to AW Bloggers

    A few months ago I started a small review of AW'ers who wanted their blogs listed in my blog. I actually was able to get 30 blogs all together listed in there. Unfortunately due to time and pressing other requirements I had to drop it.

    While I have taken up my blog in seriousness again, and devoting now all the posts to writing...I have this offer or suggestion if you would like to take advantage of it....

    (Dawno if this is not good just delete away!..but you better be working on your Nano....)

    I would like to, from time to time, do a review and possibly on-line interview with any AW bloggers interested in having their blog reviewed and the review posted in my blog Cobwebs Of The Mind.

    The post in my blog will cover ONE Blog. Not be a list or chain. So we can drill down into the specifics of your blog.

    No there is no catch here...and I do not require any reciprocal links. I am just offering this to any bloggers out there.

    A couple of pointers though:
    1. Please only do this if you blog consistently and posts are updated.
    2. I would like to stick to blogs that revolve around writing, politics, technology, business etc. I have no problem if you blog about your family and kids, but I honestly do not think it would be possible to do a full fledged review for such a blog. And I certainly could not do it justice.
    3. I won't be doing this every day, as I like to deal with other subjects in my blog, but I think once or twice a week I would be willing to post a review+interview for AW blogs.
    4. While I am not the AW police, it would be nice if you had some quantity of posts up on AW and the community knows who you are before we do the review.

    The Interview is fairly simple:

    1. Who you are - NO pen names here... I want real people not those hiding behind some made up name
    2. Where you are from...
    3. What you are interested in
    4. Are you a published writer and if so please list your credits...
    5. Personal background if you wish...married, kids etc. etc.
    6. Link to your blog
    7. Any other info you wish to put out there...

    Change in info submissions:
    1. Use the email option to EMAIL (NOT PM) the info. to me.
    2. Do NOT put the info here. (The Forum puts some quirky HTML codes within the info, and thus it requires a few added steps to take it out.)
    3. Post here that you have sent me your Info. So I know to look for it.
    4. Subsequent questions etc. will be done via email.

    If there is any response - GREAT. If not...then hey I tried!

    Last edited by TeddyG; 10-16-2006 at 11:41 AM.

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