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Thread: Writing-related software

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    Writing-related software

    Some writers love writing software. Others hate it saying that they are too complicated or that they encourage bad writing. There's always two sides to every argument but in order to be able to judge, you need to know what is out there and how effective it can be. So, over the next few weeks (months? years?) I'll compile a list of writing software available out there with a brief description of the features, price, a website link etc. Hopefully, this will prove to be a good reference for all those people who ask about (novel) writing software (I'll add more as I have time and find them - if you have any software that you use which is not in the list, feel free to let me know about it and I'll add it to the list)

    Writing Tools
    Book Writer
    Allows you to have each chapter in a separate document but displays all the chapters in a treeview and allows you to open different chapters in different tabs.
    OS - Windows
    Document Format - RTF
    Formatting - Yes. Full formatting options
    Notes - No note taking, annotation tools
    Spellcheck - Live spellcheck and thesaurus
    Word count - no word count tools
    Price - $44.95
    Trial Download - Available via site

    Rough Draft
    A tabbed word processor with full styling options.
    OS - Windows
    Document Format - RTF
    Formatting - Yes. Full formatting options
    Notes - A sidebar which allows you to maintain notes
    Spellcheck - Live spellcheck and thesaurus
    Word count - Yes. Option to count current file or all open files
    Price - Free/Donationware
    Trial Download - N/A

    Java based software which allows you to maintain details about characters, events and locations in addition to the manuscript. Displays chargs of relationships. Generates characters, names and ideas. Tracks submissions.
    OS - Windows, Mac OS X
    Document Format - Internal database but outputs to RTF, text and HTML
    Formatting - Basic formatting - bold, italic, underline.
    Notes - An integrated Ideas tab which allows you to maintain notes.
    Spellcheck - Spellcheck and thesaurus but no live spellcheck.
    Word count - no word count tools
    Price - $37.55
    Trial Download - Available via site

    Stores a complete manuscript broken down into individual chapter files and allows chapters to be further broken down into scenes. Allows you to setup deadlines and monitor progress. Provides a graphical storyboard feature to be able to see events on a timeline.
    OS - Windows
    Document Format - Text
    Formatting - No formatting
    Notes - No note taking, annotation tools
    Spellcheck - No
    Word count - Provide word count by chapter and full document
    Price - Freeware
    Trial Download - N/A

    Left Margin
    Liquid Story Binder
    PageFour Notebook

    Other Helpful Utilities
    Story Weaver

    Character Pro
    Idea Mason
    Idea Tracker
    Manuscript Studio
    Story Wizard
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