Am I allowed to eat lots of chocolate as a consolation? (My first unofficial rejection was when I didn't win the Highlights contest. But, I also didn't expect to win. It was a long shot.)

This one, however, really disappoints me. I slaved over a sample (over 60 pages long, single spaced with sketches, etc.), doing tons of research and not a lot of sleeping just to get it done on time. I had a real gut feeling that I was going to make it. :shrug

I was "trying out" for a religious curriculum job. I'm well acquainted with the material and everyone who looked at the lessons I developed said they were really good (I had secular teachers and a pastor go through them.) There were about 100 people trying to get into their pool of writers.

Such a bummer!!


(I guess I can get a start on the "You're a reject" file.)