Silver Leaf Books declined my submission a few months ago and sent me an e-mail offering subsidy publishing with a new subdivision of their company. I pointed out itwas a conflict of interest and the editor said his boss was realloy pushing this new author's service, though he was not entirely comfortable with it.

This announcement was on their website:
Announcement: Bowyer Opens Book Services CompanySLB News, March 10, 2006Silver Leaf Books is proud to announce that Managing Director and our original author, Clifford B. Bowyer, has recently developed and opened a new company, Creative Strategists. Creative Strategists will provide consulting services to authors and other small presses. Bowyer has developed an elaborate network of artists, graphic designers, editors, and business development professionals to provide the highest possible quality and service to the clients of Creative Strategists.
The opening of the new company will not impact the release of future Imperium Saga novels. According to Bowyer, the Fall of the Imperium Trilogy is complete, as is the young adult spin-off The Adventures of Kyria, and Ilfanti and the Orb of Prophecy. From all of us here at Silver Leaf Books, we wish Bowyer every success in his new endeavor.
For additional information on Creative Strategists, visit

This is the website for Silver Leaf Books.

I submitted before I knew much about the game, from their presentation and the fact that seven of their eight published books are by their managing director, Bowyer; I suspect they are much like Reagent Press a publishing company name to cover the fact that the Editor in Chief is self-publishing.

We have no thread for them, and P&E hs not taken any notice of them either.