Hi everyone.

I just received the nth rejection today for one of my short stories. Here's some of the letter:

"Thanks for sending your manuscript to us at XXXXX. We enjoyed the read. While we must decline it at this time, our decision is not any way based on your writing.

"Submissions seem to go in cycles. (One quarter, it's religious phenomenon, the next, grandmother stories, reflections of childhood, or tales of drug busts) Those cycles leave me longing for something so different that I can't even define it--but I'll know it when I see it."

At least she did say just WHAT the "current cycle" was, and to "certainly send us another manuscript if you have one you think is appropriate." So I'm thinking about doing so. The note was encouraging and friendly and definitely not a form letter.

Just thought I'd share a bit of optimism, even after being rejected. (I'm no Pollyanna, though...it's back to the ol'keyboard.)