Last August I received a rejection letter that I carry around with me in my purse. My agent received it based on my mss Again that she sent to an editor at HarperCollins. The editor wrote the following:

"As always, thank you so much for sharing the very strong and engaging AGAIN by Sharon Cullars with me and for your extraordinary patience in awaiting my response.

I see why you're so head over heels in love with this; and I was too, in some parts. The writing is strong, fluid and accessible. It's an engaging, entertaining story and I believe you and Cullars really have something here. The sex scenes are wonderfully hot and riveting and the rapid shuttling between centuries towards the end of the novel is terrific and really keeps the pages turning. However, I think it needs a great deal of work in crux, structure and development."

Then she goes on to give some constructive criticism on where i fell short, suggestions that I have since incorporated into my re-write. Unfortunately, she indicated that she would pass on the mss even if changed. Fortunately, she has since left the publishing house, so I get a second bite at the apple.

Whenever I get depressed about my writing shortfalls, I take out the letter (that was faxed to me by my agent) and re-read it for encouragement. The letter is dog-eared and the lettering is fading, but I'll keep it as long as it is in one piece, forever travelling with me in my purse for those occasions when I need a nip of confidence.