I'm looking for the right spot to confess my fears -- the ones that stop me from doing much besides reading message boards and rearranging my files. My writing fears, specifically. I used to be "Too Busy" to write, or too this or too that...now I've whittled away all the thisses and thats, I'm left with just getting down to it. And I'm not getting down to it. Turns out I'm scared!

They aren't rational, these fears. So I don't think I need reassurance that I don't *need* to fear these things. I just need to, you know, express them. To write about them.

-- My idea is so good someone will steal it before I can bring it to fruition.

-- My idea is so good, I won't be able to do it justice.

-- I'm embarassed to submit articles to my local paper because the people there who would reject me would be right here in town!

-- It's not possible for me to be a writer because I'm too timid and shy to actually promote myself or my work.

-- If something I wrote about my [mom, dad, kids] were published, they might see it and then uh-oh. (My husband can take it.)

-- My idea isn't really so good -- obviously if it were, someone would be doing it.

-- I'm afraid to talk to sources/experts because I wouldn't do it right. I'd waste their time and then they'd hate me. Also, they'll steal my idea. (This is starting to make me laugh. What an egomaniac I must be!)

-- People will find out I'm an egomaniac without knowing my other characteristics, which are the endearing ones.

-- I'm probably not such a good writer, really, anyway.

-- I don't know enough about this writing stuff to do it in public. Those in the know will just roll their eyes and wish I would go away.

Well, that's a start. Thanks for listening. I think it's time for a cup of tea. (With a little brandy in it! :\ )