Alright, I never watch television, don't have cable and get one channel, NBC. (CBS comes in a little fuzzy, but not worth the time)

Though I have found this show on Monday nights that I am almost instantly addicted to, Heroes, NBC at 9pm. So far it has me stuck to the TV for an hour, a rare occurence in my life. Its hopeful, mysterious and has aspects of sinister. . . some great foreshadowing so far. The only problem I have. . . its going to slow. Too many commercial breaks. . . I just want them to keep it going, but like good television producers they are leaving me hanging every 7 minutes. Now I have to wait an entire week to see if the kid can really fly, the cheerleaders dad to prove that he is really the bad guy. . . if the cop can get out of his predicament and who this serial killer is. Not to mention what happens with the heroine addict phrophet artist and the Indian professor type.

Anybody else catch this show?