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Sheryl, ain't it the truth! Back when I taught Counterintelligence, our B&E was simple - get invited in! And if you want to get invited in, watch for routines, exploit them, and do your social engineering. Even socially awkward agents could use this technique, but socially-adept actors were the very best.
You're taking the fun out of B&E...

Caveat: even if you get in the perimeter using deception, getting access to the areas you need may be a whole new challenge. Further, the non-critical facilities may have easier entry and less internal surveillance, but the really sensitive facilities? Even with the dork HR manager that keeps all his passwords written on a sheet in his wallet (for example), you still have to get to a physical location where you can use them.

There's three ways to get around access problems: have someone do it for you (but that requires a case officer recruiting an agent [the arch nemesis of you CI folk]), do it yourself the slow way (work your way in via the hiring process), do it the fast way (a little B&E).