Hi everyone. I'm ready for the Shotgun Round of seek-the-agent. I'd written a Grand Fantasy, and previously sent a handful of queries and got some looks. One agent was kind enough to look twice and made some helpful suggestions. After asking a second opinion, I took her advice and made extensive changes to books one and two that seemed to take forever.

If anyone has compiled a list of the best SF/Fantasy agents that accept e-queries, and wouldn't mind pm-ing me with the lists, I'd appreciate it. I think I'm going to go with electronic queries to save time and money.

I know there are places with laundry lists of agents; but at this point if I can find a way to avoid wasting my time and focusing on fishing where the most fish are. I'd appreciate your help and do realize I will stand or fall on the basis of whether my books are worth the reading. Also, if you have a favorite agent- good hearted/fairly good to work with, that would also interest me.