Fox News (yes, indeedy, I do watch them; I need to know what the enemy is thinking) last night had Neil Cavuto interviewing Jack Welch (famed ex-CEO bidniss guru), topic being the upcoming election and the apparent resurgence of Republican popularity. In the midst of their euphoria, they popped up some Fox News polling data, without discussing it during the time I watched, that showed the following, numbers correct, might have the question inexactly phrased, but not the meaning of it:

Which party would be better leading Congress:

July: 39% said Democrats, 33% said Republicans
September: 41% said Democrats, 34% said Republicans.

This, from Fox's own poll. Some resurgence. The Pres's approval numbers may be up some from earlier this summer, depending on which polls you look at, which of course are affected by what precise questions were asked. But if these data are indicative of anything, it suggests that in this off-year election, the Presidential coat-tails are mighty short.

I still think the Repubs are going to skate through with the narrowest of margins in both houses, and that it means the final two years of the Bush Presidency will be largely an exercise in custodial duties, aside from the Iraq War. Which is generally the history of the final two years of any full two-term Presidency in my lifetime.