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View Poll Results: What price would make you put a new, paperback novel back on the shelf?

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Thread: Pricing Poll

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    Pricing Poll

    After some searching I couldn't find info on the specific novel pricing I was looking for. So a new poll question...

    If you are browsing in your favorite bookstore and see a new, good quality paperback novel in your favorite genre from an unknown author and unknown publisher, and from the cover/title/reading a bit you are convinced to buy it on a whim, what price would make you put it back on the shelf? (meaning the lowest price shown in the poll that would be too much)

    If your price is different when browsing on Amazon, please explain.

    *I'm also going to look at several hundred novels at the local B&N and will post the low/high/average cover prices here when I get that data.
    **This is posted in the Self-Pub forum because in order to sell a self-pub novel outside of a local/familiar audience it's good to know what the price barriers are.
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