Hello everyone to give the board a update, I am a big Hulk Hogan fan and have been writing a book on his merchandise and collectibles seeing I know literally thousands of fans collect his stuff worldwide.

I submitted my book proposal to Schiffer Publishing and got this email back

Dear Austin,

In looking at the numbers, our instincts tell us we would need to pre-sell
1000 copies of a Hulk Hogan Collectible book either to you or to an
organization with which you make arrangements. The sale of these 1000
copies would be made part of our contractual arrangements with you to author
the book.

It is hard to say what that cost would be until we know more about the size
of the book, number of illustrations, etc. However, the retail price of
similar collectible books average $24.95-$29.95. The party purchasing the
1000 copies would get a 47% discount off retail. If you are that party
purchasing the 1000 copies at the discount, you would not be paid a royalty
on them. We would print a good number more for which you would receive a
royalty on those additional copies that are sold.

All my best,

Karen Choppa

Now I have a list of bussinesses that want to carry my book for thier stores. They have request samples to see which I dont have. Schiffer will publish with 1000 pre-order which I can get book need the samples what to do?

Can anyone lend some advice?