In the Romance forum, I've noticed that we have a running joke of sorts that when we're down, or want to bribe someone, or whatever, we offer cookies. Well, I asked Cathy if I could start a "whining" thread that she could sticky where we could come when we "need a cookie". It can be about writing, bad days, children, etc.

I would like to start....

Yesterday was a horrible day at work. My boss was on a war path, I had to battle the grocery store afterwards, realized after I got home that I'd forgotten mine and my husbands cigarettes in my locker at work so I had to go back and get them, tried to put together a small toy for my son that I could NOT figure out--even with the @$#!@ directions, and to top it all off.... I received my SASE back. *whimpers*

Now, a simple rejection is no big deal, but after a day like that, I just didn't need the added misery. However, I appreciate the fact that the agent took the time to give me details as to why she was declining. Even if they did sting. (The silver lining, I suppose)

So, in conclusion....I need a cookie.