Im trying to find out if the story of Frankenstein has to do with actual history.

The question may seem far fetched, but its got me curious.

Here it goes;

France had a dynasty called "Merovingian" ,that lasted from 500 to 750. The strange part of this is that the country wasn't called France at that time, it was called "Franken"

France didn't start to be called France until the Carolingian dynasty was in power.

When I had realized what france was called, before it was called France, the first thing I thought of was Mary Shelly's Frankenstein. I was wondering if Mary Shelly was actually talking about France as being like a Frankenstein.

I got on the Internet and looked up a time line history of events in 1818 when the book was published to see if there was a war going on between France and England, but they weren't at war. In my mind, if there was a war going on between the two countries, then I thought that would be a motivations for her to write it, as a way to vent her anger over the war. Since there was no war between the two, my motivation to go down this way of thinking stopped.

I just find it real strange that France use to be called Franken, and Mary Shelly's book is called Frankenstein.I'm wondering if Mary shelly could of read things about Franken and its dynasty to movitate her to wrie the book.

So, is there any link between France being called Franken before it was called France and the book Frankenstein?

This is a very legitimate question. It may sound dumb but it's legitimate.


which really doesn't have to do with this.

I noticed that the new dynasty was called "Carolingian", when I looked at that, it automatically reminded me of the states of Carolina and North Carolina. I wonder if those states come from the word "Carolingian"