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Welcome to the AbsoluteWrite Water Cooler! Please read The Newbie Guide To Absolute Write

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    The Freelance Forum Rules and Regulations.

    Please read before posting.

    If you’re new to AW it might be good to begin with reading this thread: The Newbie Guide to Absolute Write.

    While thick skin may be an attribute all writers need to acquire, we as members do not need to ensure fledgling writers acquire that thick skin here by making abrasive remarks; a little kindness goes a long way. Let’s not forget we all started at the beginning; we can be helpful without being harsh.

    Please, NO PROFANITY. Freelance is no place for off-color or offensive words.

    As writers I expect we can produce words of description without using offensive language. I’m sure everyone here is aware of what words “can” be taken offensively, so please use proper discretion.

    Post with tact, please.

    Thank you.


    If you’re new to freelance writing and to the Absolute Write boards, this is a good place to begin.

    1. Be kind and considerate to other members. Respect and support your fellow writers.

    2. When offering suggestions or participating in discussions, please try to keep comments as an experienced opinion rather than pose them as hard fast rules. Follow the General house rules: no profanity or personal attacks.

    3. Keep in mind that the freelance forum is for asking questions, sharing ideas and helpful links, and discussing freelancing. If you wish to post your writing for critique, please post it in the appropriate thread in the SYW (Share Your Work) forum.

    4. Please keep threads on topic. Start a new thread if you want to present something new or off topic.

    5. Topics should be about freelancing, its craft and business. (There are other threads in the Coffee Break Forum, such as Takes It Outside The Board and Office Party, where you can post topics not relating to freelancing).

    6. The moderator and/or board administrator has the right to edit, delete, move and/or close threads that he/she feels has violated these rules or general public board policies. Those members who repeatedly disobey these rules may be temporarily or permanently banned from the forum for not complying.

    Browse through the previous pages and posts in this forum and you'll find a gamut of helpful information. Take advantage of the search feature on this site by typing a key word about your interest (it's located third from the right at the top of the screen). Most likely the question you’re about to ask has been asked before and this will help you find those discussion threads. Of course, if you can’t find the answer, feel free to pose your question here. There is also a popular discussions thread with several links to frequently asked questions.

    If you are questioning the legitimacy of a publication, e-zine or other writing forums, please place your post in the Conference Room under the Beware and Background Check Forum. Here is the link.

    If you want to share leads that you have found profitable in your career, post them by adding to the Freelance Market thread in this forum. You can also post leads in the Conference Room under the Network: Sharing Leads Forum. Here’s the link.

    The reason for the above mentioned is to try to keep this forum for questions about freelancing, its craft and business. (See rule #5.)

    When responding to a thread once others have posted comments, please reference the person you are responding to. This helps avoid misunderstandings and overloading the board. There is no need to quote the entire post; a sentence or paragraph that pertains to your response is sufficient.

    When making your initial post, it helps to "reference the subject" of the post in the title line. RE: Help with a query letter is much better than "Help." This also allows for easy subject searches when someone is looking for something in particular. Thanks.

    Good luck!

    Note: If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns, or problems in this forum, please contact me here.
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