I'm working on a new project that has the main character discover one of the secret Names of the Almighty. Magic, mayhem, and miscommunication ensue. (And there's a romance, but then, I write paranormal romance.)

While I'm not planning on delving into the Kabalah or the Zohar (I haven't studied either), the main antagonist is very learned in these areas. Are there any very basic works on the Kabalah (the original Jewish version, not the recently popular celebrity Kabalaish version) or the Zohar that anyone could recommend for research purposes?

(With the main character, once she has the Name, she winds up doing things accidentally -- creating a golem that looks and acts like her ex-boyfriend, for example, and curing the sick. But she has to remain chaste for her to channel this power -- which does nothing for her love life...)

Many thanks!