After research stemming all the way back to 1990, at least 5 hard edits, and 8 years of writing, I finished a novel. However, all this work has put me too close to it so that I may not have the best perspective in any follow up edits, and I desperately need people to clue me in to its weak points.

I'm looking for someone interested in acting as a beta reader or otherwise giving me useful critique to polish it in ways I may not have thought of. Primarily, I seek someone who can read through and let me know what does not make sense, what does not work, and where it may tend to lag.

The novel is part legal thriller (I am a lawyer by trade) but mostly a horror novel (my favorite genre). It is about a lawyer who takes on a serial killer's case but finds that the serial killer has an accomplice. Not only does this accomplice then kill the lawyer's co-counsel, but the evidence shows that it is not quite human, and the lawyer protagonist may be next on the list if he does not do as required.