OK...I am a Gentile, I admit it. Hope I can present my questions intelligently.

WIP is a historical romance, involving a man who is Jewish but was torn from his parents as a child (which happened at that time, unfortunately) and was given to be adopted by a Christian couple. He was forced to convert, but is still Jewish in his soul. He's learned to give the appearance of being a Christian, but doesn't really believe it; in fact, he doesn't believe much of anything spiritually.

But I'd like to portray his journey, in such a perilous time for the Jewish people, back to his roots of faith.

His father was a physician and he was raised in Spain, which I believe was called Navarre at that time. It was illegal for doctors to treat Jews (yet another stupid law...) but his father does it anyway and that is how the MC gets taken from his family.

Sorry for that long blurb -- so here are a few respectful questions:
1. Suggestions for sources that describe Jewish family life at that time?
2. Names of endearment, or sources for Hebrew words, phrases, and names of the period? Specifically parent-to-child and sweethearts.
3. Would they have spoken Hebrew as Jews in medieval Spain/France, a mix of Spanish and Hebrew, or what? (if any of you scholars might know)

I hope any ignorance I might show in my post doesn't offend.