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Thread: List of Agent Blogs

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    May 2006

    List of Agent Blogs

    BookEnds (Jessica Faust, Jacky Sach, Kim Lionetti):

    Nathan Bransford (of Curtis Brown):

    Nadia Cornier:

    DHS Literary:

    Dystel & Goderich:

    Full Circle Lit (Lilly Ghahremani, Stefanie Von Borstel):

    Barry Goldblatt:

    Jennifer Jackson:

    John Jarrold (UK agent):

    Caren Johnson:

    Knight Agency (Deidre Knight, Judson Knight, Elaine Spencer, Julie Ramsey, Nephele Tempest, Pamela Harty):

    Lucienne Diver of The Knight Agency

    Colleen Lindsay:

    Jonathan Lyons (Lyons Literary):

    Laurie McLean (Larson Pomada Agency):

    Kristin Nelson:

    Lori Perkins:

    Jenny Rappaport:

    Janet Reid (of FinePrint):

    The Rejecter:

    Kate Schafer:

    Miss Snark: (now retired!)

    Agent Sydney (Australian agent):

    Nephele Tempest (Knight Agency):

    Matt Wagner:

    Tina Wexler:

    Wylie-Merrick (Robert Brown, Sharene Martin):

    Andrew Zack:

    A Gent's Outlook: (possible fake?)

    Rachelle Gardner at

    Let me know if I missed any...
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